What is Spironucleus?

Spironucleus is a flagellate parasite that affects a large group of fish, including ornamental tropical species. Even though the Spironucleus is responsible for Hole in the head disease in fish ( Head and Lateral Line Erosion), not intestinal disorders like that of Hexamita in fish, It is believed that the Spironucleus causes changes in poop shape and color through inflammation in the small bowel of fish. That is a reason why it is often confused with Hexamita!

Spironucleus is a parasitic flagellate in Aquarium Tropical Fish


Spironucleus may not causes any specific clinical signs and symptoms in healthy fish. However, It causes the Hole in the Head Disease in fish with weakened immune system and nutrition deficiency. For more details about syptoms and signs, please read HITH article.

Treatment for Spironucleus in Fish

The treatment for Spironucleus in tropical fish like Discus is exactly the same as it is for Hexamita. For more details on how to treat and cure diseases caused by Spironucleus, please read the article “Hexamita in Tropical Fish” or “Hole in the Head Disease in Fish” in the blog section.

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