API General Cure

API General Cure powder is a great medication to treat both internal and external parasites in tropical fish including discus. API General Cure is effective against external protozoan parasites such as Oodinium and Spironucleus, Internal protozoa like Hexamita, velvet disease in marine fish, intestinal trematodes,  fish lice, skin and gill flukes including dactylogyrus and gyrodactylus. API General Cure is best medication for newly purchased fish in quarantine tank! This way, you prevent a lot of external and internal parasites form being introduced to your main show tank.

Active Ingredient of API General Cure

The active ingredients of General Cure are 250 mg Metronidazole, and 75 mg Praziquantel per pack.

API General Cure is a great medication for new discus and other tropical fish

API Genral Cure For Ich Disease

API General Cure contain metronidazole which is known to be effective against Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, that is responsible for ICH disease. However, API General Cure is not the best option to treat ICH in fish as the praziquantel in this product can worsen symptoms of ICH disease , and impose unnecessary stress to fish. 

API General Cure For Internal Parasites

API General Cure is effective against Hexamita and Intestinal Trematods which make it Number 1 treatment to cure white feces and internal parasites. However, there still are parasites like Intestinal nematode worms that this medication is unable to cure.

General Cure For Hole in the Head Disease

API General cure can be used for treating  hole in the head disease as well, but for the same reason that mentioned above (Praziquantel), it is recommended to use products that contain pure Metronidazole.

Overdose and Side Effects of API General Cure

Do not overdose this medication! Overdosing with 2 different type of anti parasite medicines (Metronidazole and Praziquantel) in the same time could be fatal to your fish. Severe stress, leaning to sides, and rapid breathing are some of the signs that you should take seriously. Do not mix this medication with water conditioners that eliminate heavy metals. 

API General Cure for Discus Fish

Works great for discus fish with Intestinal Parasites. API General Cure treats both hexamita and intestinal trematodes in discus fish. It also cures gill flukes in discus fish effectively.

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