The Discus Co. sells some of the best quality discus fish for sale in the USA. Buy live tropical discus fish from our online store and save money!

Baby and Juvenile Discus Sale

Our 2 inch baby discus is healthiest and cheapest than anywhere else in the U.S. market. Browse our online discus fish store for juvenile and baby discus fish.

Discus Breeding Pairs for Sale

We sell young breeding pairs of discus for their individual prices, so you can purchase healthy and high quality pairs in different strains and colors for great prices! Most of the time, our breeding pairs price between $150 – $200 which is great for breeders.

Wild and Hybrid Discus Fish for Sale

Wild and hybrid crosses are another type of discus we provide our customers with! Alenquer, Heckels, Wild Greens, Cuipeua, Nhamunda and their crosses!

Wholesaling Discus Fish

For getting discus at wholesale price contact us today! We provide aquarium stores and local businesses with the best pricing in the market.

Discus Fish for Sale on eBay

The Discus Company has just started selling live discus fish on eBay. The strains and colors we offer on our eBay account are different and we try to sell them slightly cheaper than our online store. Make sure you purchase your fish from discusco account on eBay.

Discus fish for sale on eBay
Discus fish for sale on eBay

We only sell cheap assorted baby discus fish on eBay and for other sizes as well as breeding pairs please visit our online store.

Petsmart Discus Fish Sale

It is hard to find any discus fish for sale in Petsmart stores, but  for sure they sell some of the best aquarium supplies like fish tanks, foods, aquarium lights, filters & pumps, and etc.

Discus Fish for Sale Petsmart
Discus Fish for Sale Petsmart

Buying discus fish is a big responsibility and you should always be ready to handle hard situations! and you will need a lot of medications, water conditioners, multivitamins, etc and Petsmar stores are where you buy some of the best discus fish products.

Petco Discus Fish Sale

So you purchased your discus fish, and now need to buy best aquarium products from either a local Petco store, or from online shop. You can purchase some of the best discus foods, medications, water conditioners, etc from almost all Petco stores in the United States. 

Discus Fish for Sale Petco
Discus Fish for Sale Petco

We feed our discus fish for sale with Tetra flakes and Tetra granules, and both of these products are available in most Petco stores, so after buying discus from us, you can easily purchase the same foods they used to eat in our fish tanks. Check some of our best discus fish for sale.

Discus Fish for Sale Petco

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